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Visually impaired people
can count
on a guide dog.

But what about
when dogs go blind?
Who they can
count on?

Watch the film

Anyone can become a Human Guide.

Just watch the classes with our specialist in veterinary ophthalmology to learn
how to take the best possible care of visually impaired dogs.


Show that you support the cause. Choose one of the images below and click to share it on your social media accounts with the hashtag #humanguides.
Each post can make a difference and change the life of a visually impaired pup.

Spread this idea around.

With your help, we can transform more people into Human Guides.

Here, you can download an illustrated handbook with all the steps you can take to give visually impaired dogs a better life.

Just print it out and leave it at your local pet shop or vet’s office, or give it to someone you know who has a visually impaired dog.

Dogs do so much for us.
It’s time to repay the favor.

Download Download